Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why the delay?

Pretty clear language here:
Section 421. Protection of identities of certain United States undercover intelligence officers, agents, informants, and sources
Disclosure of information by persons having or having had access to classified information that identifies covert agent.

Whoever, having or having had authorized access to classified information that identifies a covert agent, intentionally discloses any information identifying such covert agent to any individual not authorized to receive classified information, knowing that the information disclosed so identifies such covert agent and that the United States is taking affirmative measures to conceal such covert agent's intelligence relationship to the United States, shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Sorry, Karl, it ain't going away. Would you please get your bags packed. Ten long years, WOW!

As Helen Thomas asked yesterday, why couldn't G.W. just walk across the hall and ask Karl Rove what in the hell is going on?


mikey said...


Apparently, several news organizations including ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, joined in an amicus brief during the Cooper/Miller hearings to argue that the court not compel Cooper/Miller to reveal their sources. Their reason? As stated in the summary (pg ii): "there exists ample evidence on the public record to cast serious doubt as to whether a crime has even been committed..."

You can find the entire amicus brief here.

Not that this proves Rove is innocent, I'll let the prosecutor figure that out, but it does seem oddly suspicious that the news organizations that are doing their absolute best to make people like you believe there was a crime (and that Rove did it) are the very ones arguing before the courts that there was no crime. Hmmmm.

mikey said...

Ooops. It doesn't look like I did my link correctly. Let's try this

amicus brief

mikey said...

Oh well, it doesn't seem like I know enough to put an active link in, so I'll just have to provide another route. If you happen to decide to read the amicus brief, you can go to the article at


About halfway down the article is the link.

Dr. C said...

Mikey, Mikey, just tell me why news organizations are filing an amicus brief in this case? Why is Miller in jail? The obvious answer you will dispute, but it is that newspapers are scared to death that they will lose their double double whammy top secret for your eyes only with sprinkles news leaks. They don't give a damn about what is just or right or anything else. They are in the business of selling news for money. Period. Sorry to be so cynical.

mikey said...


Well it's nice to know that you don't trust the news outlets either. At least we have that in common. If you're not trusting them, though, why are you so adamant that Rove should either be fired or go to jail? Where are you getting your information that convinces you he did something actionable?

Dr. C said...

Mikey, Mikey. I have a bridge in Brooklyn for you.
Here's what your NRO has to say about the MSM:

With each passing day, the manufactured "scandal" over the publication of Valerie Plame's relationship with the CIA establishes new depths of mainstream-media hypocrisy.

To answer your question as to where I get my information: a super duper double fudge with sprinkles on top inside source that is never wrong.

mikey said...

Why is it that liberals can never answer the question?

...don't answer that.