Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Grey Lady shows a little Blue

Or, some cajones if possible:
It happened on Monday, in a moment that was horrifying even by the rock-bottom standards of the campaign that Republican zealots are conducting against the nation's judiciary. Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, rose in the chamber and dared to argue that recent courthouse violence might be explained by distress about judges who "are making political decisions yet are unaccountable to the public." The frustration "builds up and builds up to the point where some people engage in" violence, said Mr. Cornyn, a former member of the Texas Supreme Court who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which supposedly protects the Constitution and its guarantee of an independent judiciary. (emphasis added)
Parallels, Parallels, oh how we see them:
Although the general rationale for terrorism remains unchanged - that terrorists believe it is both right and necessary to use terrorism to achieve their aims - the nature of the current threat is different. (emphasis added)
In the parallel universe that I once inhabited, if someone in Congress implicitly condoned violence (terrorism) against a judge, they would have been dragged down Constitution Avenue, tarred, feathered, and carried out of town on a pole (I know that sounds contradictory; violence for violence; but, there you are).

In a parallel, quite wonderful, universe that I once knew.

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Redjalapeno said...

The wolves have overrun the gate, that's for sure.

Whilst laying on the beach over the weekend, I did a lot of thinking about the current state of affairs of this great country.
No conclusions, just thinking.

I do believe we are in for much rougher times ahead.

I do not think the next presidential election will change things too much.

We have a population where over one-third does not participate, and of the participating voters, over half cling to ideals and concepts that are obviously failing trememdously, yet they continue to support and cling to these ideals, attempt to defend these ideals (poorly I might add), and employ smug arrogance while doing so.
(yes, the support is dropping like a rock but what were these people thinking to begin with and what will they think next election?)

Something else I pondered; every time Bush says something outrageously stupid like "Mission Accomplished", "Bring 'em on", or "...they're making their last stand in Iraq...", there is an increase in violence and terrorist attacks.

Just ask any Londoner about that.

As an atheist I am completely against any type of melding of church and state, ANY. Like a seed, it sprouts, it grows, and you have what we have now; a bunch of neo-cons wrapped up in their religion attempting to shape this country into what they think it should be as opposed to what it is. All the while trying to kill this object called terrorism when they cannot see it it is not a tangible object that can simply be erased by bombing the hell out of a country. IE: Afghanistan and Iraq

How many times have you heard neo-cons say we should've bombed the middle east to dust a long time ago? It's the only solution they know.

When I watch DeLay, Bush (Jeb and chimpy) and Frist's antics over Schiavo I get sick and frankly quite worried.

You're not the one that lives in a parallel universe, it's the ones that have all the power that live in la la land.

After the London bombings so many on the right were screaming for the Muslim community to denounce these atrocities. Where are those moderate Christians that should be denouncing whole-heartedly the antics of this administration's false war? I could be wrong but one of the Ten Commandments is "thou shalt not kill" right? Ya know the Ten Commandments, that thing that all of the bible-thumping neo-cons and their supporters want to put in every goverment building?

Why aren't those laws of God being applied to the fearless leader, the man of faith, the guy who won the moral value vote?

History is indeed repeating itself.