Thursday, July 28, 2005

What have you got to hide?

SGO at the Liberal Avenger (real LA on vacation) spins off the Rude Pundit and proposes that we "Socratize" the debate. Simply always ask, e.g. about Bolton, about Roberts, about Rove, about Iraq:

What have you got to hide?

I do think this meme has feet. I'll try it in our local newspaper vis a vis our Dear Gov and his budget surplus. Stay tuned.


mikey said...


Maybe I should try one in my local paper, too. I think my theme will be:

What have you ever done to help?

Redjalapeno said...

There was certainly no shortage of "what have you got to hide?" accusations as the baseless White Water investigation morphed into this-gate and that-gate until it finally settled on Monica-gate.

Dr. C said...

O.K. Mikey, I give up. What HAVE you done to help?

sgo said...

Funny thing here... (beware... ad hominem attack a coming) Mikey is following this Meme around the net like a moth to a flame trying to k-nock it down with all his might. His problem is that he's not metally armed to even come close to k-nicking it.

Remember - Ask questions that make your opponent support their claims. Ask quesitons of their answers and question those answers. Each question should ask for an increase in specifity (sp?). And never ask questions about the tangents. Focus on the issue not the diversion.