Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Not at my Country Club

Governor Ehrlich hosts fundraiser at all white country club, says he doesn't care; Lt. Governor Michael Steele, who will be trying to take Senator Sarbanes' seat, says he doesn't care, either...Bob Ehrlich holding a $100,000 fundraiser at the "exclusive" Elkridge (Country) Club. The Elkridge club uses the word "exclusive" to describe itself because it's a more PR friendly way of saying "we don't let black people join our club." (emphasis added)
Karl Rove will be the star attraction at a fundraiser in Washington for Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele (a black people). The fundraiser takes place at the National Republican Senatorial Committee on the Hill at 6:00 pm. (emphasis added)
Its nice to see Porky mixing with the masses. What's Steele going to say when Porky gets sent to the Country Club where you can't go home (you know, that one Martha Stewart had such a great experience at)? By the way, Porky, they do take fat Texans. In fact, they take all comers. All you need is a sentence. And I don't mean like "See Spot Run." I mean one like "10 years to Life."


Anonymous said...

Sorry to drop this as an off-topic comment; however, I couldn't find an email address on your page to send it to and I wanted to let you know about our MDP Blog Network.

By the way your cartoons are really funny. Anyway, here's the email I sent out to some other MD bloggers today:

Dear Maryland Blogger,

I am proud to announce the formation of the Maryland Democratic Party’s Blog Network. The purpose of this network is to improve communication between Maryland Democratic bloggers and the State Party. We realize that citizen journalists such as you are influential opinion leaders in our state.

As a member of our party’s blog network you will receive our party’s press releases and other information and alerts. We hope to create opportunities in the future for bloggers to engage directly with myself or the state party chairman about particular issues that affect the lives of Marylanders. We value your opinions and appreciate any suggestions you have for the state party.

In addition, as a member of the blog network, you will be able to contact the state party and ask for a comment on a story just as a reporter would. We may also contact you in order to comment on some of your posts.

Please sign up to join our Blog Network at this page: http://www.mddems.org/index.php?display=ShowPage&id=583271

Derek Walker
Communications Director, Maryland Democratic Party

Anonymous said...

Dr. C

Adding to the gall factor was Steele saying something along the lines of "I don't golf so their "no blacks" policy doesn't concern me."

As if it is only a golf problem.

Though, that attitude explains a lot:

I have health insurance, so cutting people off of Medicaid doesn't concern me.

I'm not at the University of Maryland, so skyrocketing tuition doesn't concern me.

Steve Hill

Dr. C said...

When is the Maryland Policy Blog coming back up? I wasn't able to address some of your recent posts but they were dead on. I really do think that citizen activity can change things. I'm going to keep trying.
Dr. C.

Steve Hill said...

Doc--the Maryland Policy blog is still alive.

It is in the hands of my able (former) colleague Joanna Shoffner. The problem is, Joanna has a zillion things to do, and doesn't have the luxury I had of having someone else around to do a lot of the work.

At some point, they'll hire someone to replace me. Then, there will be more capacity to do the kind of work that brings in money, and the blog.

Joanna posted there today. Posts will still be fewer and farther between for the next few weeks. But, enough to keep it alive, I think.