Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Usual Farce

As usual, when looked at closely, something that the Bush Administration is up to is deeply flawed. For instance, as per the Liberal Oasis who links to Texans for Public Justice:
More than $500,000 (37 percent) of the $1.4 million that Owen raised for her two Supreme Court campaigns came from lawyers and litigants who had cases in her courtroom.

Owen ranks No. 2 on the court in the share of campaign money that she took from these docket donors.

Owen’s 11 biggest litigant-donors (including Enron Corp., Farmers Insurance and Dow Chemical) appeared in her courtroom 26 times.

While these big docket donors prevailed an enviable 77 percent of the time before the court as a whole, Owen was even kinder—favoring them 85 percent of the time.
Now, excuse me, but this is corruption. It is not the way our Constitution is supposed to play out in the day to day. And this corruption extends all the way to the White House. God help us if Frist and his "nuculer option" wins out.

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