Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Stealing the Farm

Could it be that all this whup-de-doo about the judges is a smokescreen for other, much worse things? We who work with children should be much more upset about the budget. As Marian Wright Edelman states:
Children's Defense Fund Founder and CEO Marian Wright Edelman issued the following statement in response to passage of the 2006 Budget Resolution by both chambers of Congress:

"This Budget Resolution unjustly hurts our children and grandchildren by lavishing billions in new tax breaks on the wealthy even as it forces major cuts in critical investments that low-income children need to survive and thrive.

"Millions of our children will suffer twice from this unwarranted action. In the short term they will be denied vital investments in their health, their early childhood development and their education. In the future they will be saddled with a crushing debt in order to heap more tax benefits on the rich.

"The budget measure approved by the House and Senate will severely damage the framework of policies and funding levels that was crafted over many decades to protect the vulnerable through the Medicaid, Head Start and other programs. While the tax cuts primarily benefit the wealthy, they starve our nation of the resources essential to our children's health, education, safety and community stability. This is neither right nor sensible."
So, our work is cut out for us. We need to change the composition of the House and Senate (3 years for the presidency) and impeach any of the sorry judges that become outrageous.

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