Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Defense

FORT HOOD, Texas - Defense lawyers sought leniency for Pfc. Lynndie England at a hearing Tuesday to determine her punishment in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, with a psychologist testifying that the reservist was oxygen-deprived at birth, speech impaired and had trouble learning to read. (link was on Yahoo on May 3rd; now gone)

I believe that Lynndie England is 20-22 years old. This means that she was born circa 1983. Most delivery suites in the US at that time had the ability to deliver oxygen to newborns that were having trouble breathing. Been there; done that. So, what the hell does it mean that she was oxygen deprived? Furthermore, if she was this impaired, what was she doing in the US Army? Or, is that a rhetorical question.


EG said...

Since you didn't link to the citation, may I assume this post is some sort of silly parody on lawyers?

If this is genuine, they forgot another, equally important fact about Pfc. England's childhood.

'Little Lynndie' (my nickname for her) went to the store with her mother and asked for a candy bar while standing at the checkout. Her mother denied her request and LL began crying. That traumatic event has scared her life forever. The photo of her pointing to naked men genitals was her plea to her mother, her oxygen-deprived mind reliving the event of the denied candy bar. The cigarette hanging from her mouth represented the pacifier she clung to at the store, contributing to the lack of air to her brain.

If you can get me in touch with her attorney, I will be happy to be a character witness for LL. Many customers at the A&P in her hometown recall fondly her screams while being dragged from the store.

Dr. C said...

My browser at home doesn't let me put comments in quotes, so the first part is actually from Yahoo. Don't you feel that our Ship of State is steering tragically off course when stuff like this occurs?

EG said...

I don't know what it says about our Government but it does say something about 'creative' lawyers. Using excuses like those cited give credence to Shakepeare's hatred for lawyers.

To take this line of defense further, it sounds like Pfc. England may wish to have her attorney sue her mother's OB/GYN and the delivery hospital for malpractice. And another suit against the school system for allowing her to continue through school without labelling her as a 'special needs' student.

What you do think?

EG said...

Quick update on the AP:

(05-04) 12:12 PDT FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) --

A military judge on Wednesday threw out Pfc. Lynndie England's guilty plea to prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, saying he was not convinced that she knew her actions were wrong at the time.

Col. James Pohl entered a plea of not guilty for England to a charge of conspiring with Pvt. Charles Graner Jr. to maltreat detainees at the Baghdad-area prison.

Looks like the 'breathing problem' will take off after all.