Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Creative Lawyers

A Correspondent makes the following observation about Little Lynndie:
I don't know what it says about our Government but it does say something about 'creative' lawyers. Using excuses like those cited give credence to Shakepeare's hatred for lawyers.

To take this line of defense further, it sounds like Pfc. England may wish to have her attorney sue her mother's OB/GYN and the delivery hospital for malpractice. And another suit against the school system for allowing her to continue through school without labeling her as a 'special needs' student.
I find the concept of creative lawyers fascinating. As you can imagine, my love for lawyers is not overwhelming. Actually, my lawyer is a pretty good guy. He's my age and our outlook is about the same. Its just that when you call him up and the taxi meter starts clicking, you wonder why docs can't do the same thing. But, there you are.

If I were a lawyer, I would be worried about the breakdown of polity. That is, I would worry that the friendliness of the American people is starting to fade. Then again, the more fights the more lawyers needed, so maybe they welcome this trend. I shouldn't be that cynical.

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EG said...

Dr. C,

Many thanks for the post. And I agree, as society becomes more agressive, the need for legal advice and counsel grows. Those legal beagles who can bring creative logic to a case will have more clients.