Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Taking a Stand

Finally, we are starting to do something. Paul Krugman says it best:
For a while, Mr. Dean will be the public face of the Democrats, and the Republicans will try to portray him as the leftist he isn't. But Deanism isn't about turning to the left: it's about making a stand.

And who and what are we standing against? Who are the bad guys? Pharyngula (and SKB) tells us:

1. Glenn Reynolds (and who knows how he got to where he is) agrees with an article that states:
This newly ever-growing Western left, not only in Europe, but in Latin America and even in the US itself, has a clear goal: the destruction of the country and society that vanquished its dreams fifteen years ago. But it does not have, as in the old days of the Soviet Union, the hard power to accomplish this by itself. Thanks to this, all our leftist friends’ bets are now on radical Islam. (emphasis added) What can they do to help it? Answer: tie down America’s superior strength with a million Liliputian ropes: legal ones, political ones, with propaganda and disinformation etc. Anything and everything will do.
[ed: Sorry, this is a load of crap]

2. and this from Hindrocket:
Jimmy Carter isn't just misguided or ill-informed. He's on the other side.
[ed: Carter makes Reagan look like the phoney he was.]

3. and this:
MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and former Social Security associate commissioner James Roosevelt Jr. examined how FOX News Washington managing editor Brit Hume and other pundits distorted a quote by Roosevelt Jr.'s grandfather, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in order to claim that the former president would have supported privatizing Social Security.
[ed. Bush is going to lose big on this.]

and so on....

South Knox Bubba lists 11 "hits," any one of which should make a true Democrat's blood boil.

It would all be quite exciting if if weren't so tragic.

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