Saturday, February 05, 2005

The New Science

There's some really bright guys out there. Then there's Toby Alexander (by way of Pharyngula by way of TBogg):

I knew that DNA controlled every function in the body, but when I found out that DNA was originally composed of 12 strands instead of the current 2, I became very interested in learning how to activate the 10 dormant strands. I studied many works from different sources about this, and decided to go through the activation process myself first, before I incorporated it into my healing practice.

I first studied all of the Human Genome papers to get science's current knowledge and understanding about our 2 strand chemical DNA - which isn't a whole lot since they only studied 1.2% of the actual DNA inside the body and ignore the other 98.8% that they call "junk DNA". Science still thinks we evolved from pond scum and chimpanzees! I then came across progressively more advanced and detailed information from pre-ancient texts that described the histories of various human races and the DNA that these races had. This then led me into the study of 15th dimensional unified physics and the structure of universal dimensions, planetary merkabas, and how our holographic reality is actually created from our DNA.

As my frequency got higher..........

Well, you get the idea.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, he's the next Science Advisor to the POTUS. Frisssbe! I wanted that job.

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