Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hold the pickles!

Its hard when you are used to Dinty Moore Beef Stew to appreciate truly great food. And then there's this:
After 11 years as White House chef, Walter Scheib III has been pushed out of the kitchen by First Lady Laura Bush. While Scheib says he wants to leave on a positive note, insiders say that the 'top toque' was unhappy at the Bush's insistence that he give up all French recipes and cooking techniques, and create an elaborate inaugural menu paying tribute to the brand names of a dozen top Bush campaign and GOP donors.
While Mr. Scheib was gracious in his parting words, saying that it had been an honor to serve the first lady, sources close to the chef say that his relationship with the first family had grown increasingly tense since he was asked to stop using French recipes and cooking techniques after France refused to support the US-led invasion of Iraq.
Tensions were further exacerbated, say sources close to the chef, by White House orders that Scheib create a special inaugural menu to honor the brand names represented by more than a dozen top GOP and Bush campaign donors. Scheib was reportedly vocal about his unhappiness over having to create dishes that featured such ingredients as Coca-Cola, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Pilgrim's Pride Whole Butter Basted Turkeys.

The menu that Scheib ultimately composed, served at three candlelight inaugural dinners, is a testimony to the chef's ingenuity. He brined the Pilgrim's Pride turkeys in Coca-Cola, before stuffing them with sweet-and-savory stuffing made from Dunkin Donuts old-fashioned cake doughnuts. (Emphasis added)

Excuse me, excuse me, EXCUSE ME, but
Krispy Kreme Donuts are not Dunkin Donuts!

Jesh, what kind of idiots are running our country?
I bet they don't know a Shiite from a Sunni.

And Fried Rice will never convince the French to love her.


DavyBee said...

What madness, I was happy to hear that Condy paid a visit to the French. I say the needed one. They took a hard line, and so did we on Iraq. Let's put it behind us.

EG said...

I loked at the menu and Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme Donuts were on the menu.

Ray said...

Walter Scheib III,

Gentleman to the end. Thank you for your great service to your country. I as a chef have great respect for you and your accomplishments! I wish you well!!!