Thursday, February 10, 2005

Swift Boats for Ehrlich

I realize that politics is dirty. But, Martin O'Malley is a cool guy. He actually leads a band (O'Malley's March) that played for a street party last summer in our little town. He is someone whom I would like to see as our Governor here in Maryland. He is a good Democrat. But then, of course, the Karl Rove surrogates get to work:
BALTIMORE — Mayor Martin O'Malley yesterday denounced rumors of infidelity, as his wife stood by his side and described how the rumors spread on the Internet by an aide to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. were affecting their children

I am sorry, this is it. This is not about Martin O'Malley, this is about the slime machine that reaches all the way from the White House into every home in America. This is War on the American people. We stood by while they destroyed Kerry, we are not going to stand by while they destroy O'Malley.

To the barricades.


CGD said...

Yeah, Josep Steffen is Maryland's own Jeff Gannon. Evil. Simply Evil. The fact that Ehlich and his crew were able to get O'Malley to even stand up and have to defend his marriage sickens me. How do these neocons always succeed in doing this? It was too reminiscent of Hillary and Bill after the Super Bowl. A bad omen.

Ya know what's even more despicable? Duncan's response to O'Malley's correct assessment of what the Bush budget will do to American cities. O'Malley compared the budget to the 9/11 attacks (as I'm sure you read) Duncan's response: "The President of the United States is fighting terrorism. It hurts our cause when people say things like that."

Al Franken had a good interview with O'Malley on Wednesday. It is still up on his blog.

CGD said...

A friend of mine at work has said that Ehrlich has apologized, in public, to O'Malley. Have you heard this?

Dr. C said...

Haven't heard; will check the wood based media in the AM.
Dr. C.

OnBackground said...

Hey there. I wanted to mention to you that there is a discussion about starting a collaborative Maryland political blog. I think there is an opportunity to really become a solid source of news and/or commentary for politics, policy, and society in MD, if we can create a quality site. Do you have any interest in participating? This could be just cross-posting pieces on MD from your blog, or more, as your interest and schedule permit.

I have heard from several folks, so right now I'm just trying to get a feel for what people want and are able to do. A couple of folks suggested they might be able to do the technical end, so we'll see how that develops. With luck, it should be a fairly easy to use content management system for most of us.

One big question we'll have to deal with is the extent to which we want this to be newsy vs. commentary, and reflecting a progressive viewpoint or more neutral (or just with a variety of viewpoints). Any thoughts for us?

Dr. C said...

Thanks for the invite. If anything I write can be useful I would be happy to participate. I read loyopp's reply and I sort of echo his sentiments.
Let me know. (this is the only way I know to reach you)