Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A few Billion here, a few Billion there

Apparently the President has submitted a little request, just a little one, mind you, to Congress to tide him over in his little adventure in that little country over there that begins with "I" (no, not Iran Dr. Rice). In any case, here is a little exercise I had to do so I could pass the No Child Left Behind Test in Maryland:

US Population in 2000 = 281,421,906
MD Population in 2001 = 5,311,508
Voila! Maryland has 1.9% of the US population.

Since we are a Blue State, we pay more of our share, but let's just assume its proportionate: we are coughing up $1.55 Billion for the country formerly known as Iraq.

Our Medicaid Budget (most of which goes to the oldsters, though everyone thinks it goes to kids) = $2.6 Billion.

Now, lemme see. Hmmm. 1.55 divided by 2.6, carry the one:

Uncle George is asking for 60% of our Medicaid Budget.

Gee, ain't arithmitic fun.

[Oh, by the way, Maryland. you're going to have to trim that budget a weenie bit. Fiscal responsibility, you know]

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loyopp said...

This is exactly the kind of calculation we should be making. What are we giving up? There's no such thing as a free lunch. $150 billion would pay the salaries of every first responder in the United States for three years...