Friday, February 25, 2005

A Fable

Once upon a time there were two boys, we’ll call them Dickey and Georgie. Dickey was the smart one. Georgie was, well, challenged. Dickey had some friends, Rummy and Wolfie. Dickey, Rummy and Wolfie had a gang they called the Gang of Three. Georgie wanted to be in the gang but they said he was too dumb. Truth be told, he was. The Gang of Three used to meet in their club house. This was a little shack they built along the river that was sort of unusual in that, when they finally finished it, the shack had five sides. Go figure.

One day the Gang of Three stole a book from the Big House in the valley. This was a very old book that told everyone how they were supposed to behave. It was called The Constitution. At first the Gang of Three was very pleased with itself for having carried off such a daring adventure. But then, the reality began to hit them. There wasn’t anybody in the whole, wide world that would buy The Constitution. It was too hot.

Now Georgie really wanted to be in the Gang of Three, but Dickey, Rummy and Wolfie still thought he was too dumb. They hit on a brilliant idea. They would let Georgie in if he would find a buyer for The Constitution. But, since everyone in the Big House in the valley knew what was in The Constitution, and someone might discover that they were the thieves that stole it, they changed it. Yes sir, they got out their pencils and changed The Constitution. In any case, The New Constitution would be easier for Georgie to sell

And Georgie was delighted. He also made them change their name to The Gang of Four. And he already had a buyer for The Constitution (he didn’t know it was changed). But we all know who the buyer was, and what happened then, so we won’t go into it. It gets a little bloody.

And Dickey was delighted too, because that’s how The New Constitution was foisted on his own retard.

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