Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Off the Radar Screen

America has ADHD and is off her drugs. We have aided and abetted the catastrophe that is the mid East, particularly Iraq and Lebanon, we have promised to rebuild Iraq, and pledged a paltry $280 million to Lebanon. But we immediately switch our focus to a psychopathic pedophile and never follow through with what is really important. (Unless its sending cluster bombs to Israel)

And the children? They are off the radar screen. Almost:
In the corner of my eye I see what appears to be a boy, about 10. I turn and give him my full attention.

He's in a fighting stance with his left foot forward, while his eyes are locked onto me. What I find strange is that his face shows no emotion, no anger, no fear — nothing but intense focus. A glance down at his right hand and I quickly understand why I am the object of his resolve.

In his hand is a rock the size of a cue ball. He is simply waiting for the signal to hurl it, with all his force, at my head.

I can't imagine an American child confronting a tank. I hope they never have the opportunity. As for the children of the middle East, those that survive, I admire them.


Griffon said...

Doc, there's a great article on Information Clearing House which I think you will greatly appreciate and perhaps take heart from.
Free in our Time…

By Bill Noxid

Dr. C said...

Thanks griffon, that was an interesting piece. I think, with Iran's money, that Hezbollah can transform Lebanon, as long as Israel and America let it. Unfortunately, they have no intention of letting that happen. I suspect the next offensive will against Syria. I am sure, like Lebanon, the Israeli military already has the plans and have discussed them with the Pentagon. It is historically interesting that our Secretary of Defense was supposed to be a civilian to prevent runaway military adventures. Rumsfeld, of course, is achieving the opposite.