Monday, August 28, 2006

Look deep, deep into my eyes

You are getting very sleepy.

You know there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Iran is a threat to your children and must be bombed back to the stone age.

The Israeli's need more F-16's (having 236 is not enough)

Our Leader did such a great job on the Katrina disaster we expect him to simply excel on the Ernesto disaster (especially since it will be in Jebby's Florida).

You will petition your Congressional representatives to pass a bill abolishing the Death Tax and refuse the minimum wage hike. (Ban gays and stem cells while you're at it.)

Our Leader is invincible and such a master of the intellect that he does not need to obey laws, particularly when they are based on the Constitution (what's that?)

Please deposit $5,000 in the bank account of Jerry Falwell to promote a rip roaring Apocalypse (or Rapture, if you are of that persuasion). Muslims need not apply.

Fly jets on every occasion you can, but don't bring deoderant. Be sure to warn the pilot not to leave by a short runway, even though you're in a hurry.

And please, please, please have O.J. stop by my cell so we can compare DNA.

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