Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ho hum. Just another Sunday....

Shame on you, America.

From Juan Cole today:
The illegal Israeli blockade of civilian Lebanese ports continues to inflict massive damage on Lebanon and on ordinary Lebanese from all walks of life. The United States more or less supports this strangling of the little country.

Illegal Israeli cluster bombs go on harming innocent Lebanese. Five were blown up on Saturday, including 4 children.

Israel's illegal air raid on a major oil refinery, which produced the worst environmental disaster in the history of the Eastern Mediterranean, has profoundly harmed Lebanese fishermen.

He also has observations on how the Western press cherry picks quotes from the Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the
Supreme Jurisprudent Khamenei. It seems that in the former case his prior rhetoric about Israel (effacing the Zionist State) may have referred to a desire for a one state solution, with Palestinians and Israli's voting side by side (don't hold your breath). And in the latter case, Khamenei states that Iran will not pre-emptively attack another state and he condemns nuclear weapons! However, as Cole observes:
Although Iran's protestations of peaceful intentions are greeted cynically in the US and Israel, in fact Iran has not launched a war of aggression in over a century. The US and Israel have launched several during that period of time.
I have known several Iranians and Iraqi in my career. They have all been highly educated and do not flaunt their language, culture or politics on you. Agreed they are professionals, but this engendering of hate for whole countries by the American Press is alien to the spirit of America.

And, of course, it leads to attacks and destruction of innocent countries: Iraq and Lebanon in the most recent incarnation of our jingoism.

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Anonymous said...

just a night of browsing around the web for anything with "ho-hum" in it. if it's any consolation you're not the only one who's wondering what's happened to our country. perhaps we all need to take a lesson from the Amish. i was in easton some 3 years ago adjusting agricultural losses from a combination of excessive rainfall and hurricane force winds. i stayed in seaford but roamed the delmarva penisula adjusting crop losses. great place to visit..., and live. i have no blogger id so i'll simply remain anonymous.