Saturday, July 01, 2006

Whose Ox?

What a difference a day makes:
During a mid-day press conference with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, President Bush observed that, “certain senators have already been out, expressing their desire to address what the Supreme Court found, and we will work with the Congress.” (emphasis added)
While singing "Jailhouse Rock" at Graceland (if only).

In the meantime, a review of global warming by James Hansen in the New York Review of Books (highly recommended) concludes that we have, at the maximum, ten years to get our bejonees together before the proverbial hitting of the fan.

It also speculates that in the "loss" of the election by Al Gore to the future Boy King in 2000:
....the country came close to having the leadership it needed to deal with a grave threat to the planet, but did not realize it.
I guess that puts the grave threat to our Country as we know it in perspective. Either way George W. Bush has been a catastrophe (and the relatives of the 66 dead in Baghdad today would not argue).

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