Friday, July 07, 2006

Some are more equal than others

Juan Cole tells us:
50 killed, as a Raft of Bodies are Found in Baghdad
And the news is all agog with:
Nation remembers 7 July victims (the 52 killed in the suicide bombings last year in London -dr.c.) Prime Minister Tony Blair said the anniversary was an opportunity for "the whole nation to come together".

He said it was a chance "to offer comfort and support to those who lost loved ones or were injured on that terrible day".
Who mourns all those innocent (and they are/were innocent) victims in Baghdad? And, its happening every day. Thousands upon thousands of innocents. Up to half of them children.

That's right, every day.

What happens to people (us) when this goes on for years? Do we become so totally immune to feeling for the children of Iraq that we just don't care any more? What about Bush? Does he not care?


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