Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dedicated to the Children of Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza


Anonymous said...

that was a welcome bit of levity.

Who are these kids?

Steve Hill

Dr. C said...

Just kids I see.

markfromireland said...

I needed that.

Anonymous said...

And the kids in Israel? Do they count? Muslim terrorists in southern Lebanon do kill Israeli kids with their indiscriminate rocket attacks.

You appear anti-semitic, Doc.

Griffon said...

And you appear to be a sandwich short of a Bar Mitzvah, anonymous.

Welcome back, Doc

Anonymous said...

Clever comment, Griffon, but you avoided answering a very direct question on behalf of Doctor C.

Now try giving me a your rationale why the Israeli kids dying from Hezbollah rockets have any less value than Lebanonese kids?

Dr. C said...

Anonymous, I do regret the death of all children. However, it is a problem of magnitude, intent and control. Magnitude because the number of children who have died in Iraq, Gaza and Lebanon is so vastly different than the few in Israel; intent because the rockets of Hizbollah are not targeted whereas the many, many, many, many more bombs of the IDF are, and control because Israel is a state which functions as an arm of my government. And no, I am not anti-semitic (after all, many Lebanese have a far greater right to call themselves semites than those in Israel) but I am very anti Israel. If this makes me "anti-semitic", then so be it. I think Israel is a fucking barbarian nation.

Griffon said...

Eloquently put, Doc. Bravo.

markfromireland said...

One of the good developments of recent years is that the reflexive howl of "you're anti-semitic" no longer terrifies people.

Why not have the honesty to come right out and say "you hate Jews?"

It's entirely possible to be anti-war crime and anti-racism without hating Jews. The afrikaner regime in apartheid era South Africa committed lots of attrocities decent people the world over opposed their racism and the actions that sprang from it. That didn't mean we hate afrikaners.

Over here (Europe) there's a gathering movement to boycott Israel that's not because the younger generation hates Jews. It's because they despise racist and genocidal actions. It's also because they recognise that militarism no matter in which country it exists leads to evil behaviour.

In Israel the army is out of control, and has been for a long time. All else is subsumed to its agenda. Speaking as somebody who was a soldier for most of his adult life and served in the Middle East as a peacepkeeper I heartily agree with the younger generation. Any society where the military sets the agenda is in seriously bad company.

Dr. C said...

Thanks griffon and mfi. Old Europe seems to have more sense than we do.

Sophia said...

Dr C.
Thank you, from a Lebanese Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Wow Doc,

What a bunch of groupies you command. Is your last name Pavlov?

You are all about the kids unless they are jewish. For the record I am a protestant Christian.

I love the irony of your comment that Hezbollah's rockets are not "targeted". Do you really believe that because the rockets are not "targeted" they don't cause death and especially death to Israeli children? Get a grip.

FYI, the Israeli's take steps to protect all their citizens (including children) from the rocket attacks by Hezbollah.

Now the facts.

1)Israel does not have a stated objective of the destruction of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, or any country in the lower Arabian peninsula. The destruction of Israel is the stated goal of any number of Muslim organizations including Hezbollah.

2) Hezbollah fires their rockets in an indiscriminate fashion and used women and children as human shields. Israel warns the people of Lebanon to leave the Hezbollah controlled areas (using leaflets) prior to retalitory actions. Hexbollah forces the citizens to remain and endanger the citizens lives.

3) Your favorite organization, the UN, was instrumental in the formation of Israel. It was the Arab/Muslim countries that attacked them first (as they have in every successive war) only to be repelled. Israel always gives back to the losers.

Lastly, please post any photo you have of an Israeli suicide bomber(preferrably a young woman) who has blown herself up on a bus crowded with Muslin families. Then tell me who the villans are.
I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Doc, you might find the attached link enlightening.

Felix Grant said...

I feel very sorry for Anonymous; s/he's a sad case, and a very long way from what I understand by the word "christian".

At the same time though, and much as I shrink from associating myself with Anonymous's viciousness and poison, I do wish that you had included Isra'eli chidren in your original list. Until there are no distinctions between dead and traumatised children, regardless of what their parents and/or countries of origin are doing, there's not much hope for any of them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous offered as "facts"...

> Your favorite organization,
> the UN, was instrumental in
> the formation of Israel.


> It was the Arab/Muslim countries
> that attacked them first...

The Arab states bordering Isra'el - yes. Not by any means all Arab countries, and certainly not all Islamic countries (there is a significant difference, of which Anonymous seems unaware).

> ... (as they have in every
> successive war) ...

In one subsequent wars actually. Isra'el has attacked first in every other war with its neighbours.

> Israel always gives back to the
> losers.

That is so laughable that I don't know where to start. If A is referring to land occupied, then Isra'el has NEVER given back except in the case of the two invasions of southern Lebanon.

I don't hold the view that Isra'el is the only villain of the piece ... both sides have their hearts blinded by hatred ... but facts have to be true to qualify for the name, and most of those offered by Anonymous are not.

In the interests of balance: Dr C, you are wrong about the Katyushas not being targetted: they have always been, and in the most recent waves by reconnaissance drones.

Felix Grant said...

Apologies: in that last comment, addressed mainly to Anonymous's "facts" but also ending with Dr C's targetting assertion, I forgot to give my name and became ... errrr... anonymous.

Sorry about that.