Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stop Killing Little Children

Saja El-Akhras, 8, who was one of six Canadians from the same family that were killed in Lebanon Sunday, July 16, 2006 during Israeli bomb attacks. (AP PHOTO/CP, El-Akhras family)

Ahmad El-Akhras, 4

We have no control whatsoever over Hezbollah. However, we give Israel $3 BILLION a year, most of which goes to buy military hardware. Military hardware killed these children.

It is incumbent on America to stop the bloodshed in Lebanon, in Gaza and in Iraq.


Anonymous said...

I would give this website more credit and weight if there was a counter on your sidebar about how many children were killed in Isreal by suicide bombers or how many mothers of children died on 911 or even if you left of the ridiculous political photos with trite cartoon headings.

Or, if you had any experience as a doctor working with charitable orginazations to "Save lives of children." Seems like you only give it a concerning thought when a republican leadership wages war or doesn't prevent a provoked country from fighting one.

I supported Clintons invasion on Melosivic. Children died in that invasion, my friend...yet you don't seem to bitch about it. It needed to be done. He was an asshole. Saddaam was worse. Korea? Same thing. Any dictator who turns violence on his people, starves them, ethnically cleanses them needs to have intervention from the world.

Maybe if you railled against the practices that landed these countries IN this position in the first place, I could understand it better.

Dr. C said...

Thanks anonymous for stopping by. You do seem to always miss the point. I assume you do all those things you accuse me of not doing (though how would you know?)

If you don't find my blog interesting, why come by?

erdla said...

Who cares what "credit and weight" some anonymous coward who can't even be bothered to come up with a name gives?

Doctor thank you the mention in your previous posting doctor. Mark has just posted an extract of the UNAMI Human Rights Report on Iraq. The extract he has posted deals with the situation of Iraq's children. It is very upsetting reading.

Thanks for caring and doing what you can to help publicise what is being done to children in the Middle East.

Dr. C said...

Erdla, the thanks is due to you all. I am so sad that I belong to a country and culture that has abandoned humanity for money.

Anonymous said...

This is in response to the first comment posted by anonymous. I will choose to remain anonymous as well, because Dr. C may know me, and I'd rather not embarass him with the following:

I imagine Dr. C has little time to ruminate on ALL of the wars, and ALL of the events, across ALL human history that involved the killing of children, given that:

1. He works about 10-12 hours a day actually TREATING children (could this actually be considered a charitable organization??)

2. Another 4 hours is probably devoted to reserach towards preventing and erradicating child-prone aliments, disease, and other minor problems such as cancer

3. If he is still awake at this point, he is figuring out how to pay the bills, since he has forked over hundres of thousands of his personal income towards treating children whose families cannot afford health care and / or the follow up action required

The point of this particular posting is not that Dr. C does not disagree, condemn, or otherwise speak out against foreign practice, but rather our REACTION to it, which is always a choice.

Dr. C said...