Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lay Kenny Lay, Lay in the big long box awhile...

From an absolutely fascinating obituary in the Aspen Daily News (thanks to Digby):
Ken led a long and distinguished career in the public and private sector. Ken worked with Humble Oil (now Exxon Corp.) from 1965-1968 as an economist in the corporate planning department.
Humble? Ken Lay humble? Who said irony was dead?

(Least you think I have no respect for the dead, indeed, for this man I have no respect. He was a convicted criminal whose mind boggling greed resulted in hardship for thousands, maybe millions, of people. I save my respect and mourning for the thousands of children who have died because of our involvement in Iraq.)

But, of course, Boy King chimes in:
Bush, speaking in an interview with CNN's "Larry King Live," said he knew Lay "pretty well" and called him a "good guy" he had gotten to know while governor of Texas.
Yep, the world is divided into good and bad guys. Its good to know where we stand.

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