Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who Said What When

Who said :
In truth, they have endless ambitions of imperial domination and they wish to make everyone powerless except themselves…They seek to end dissent in every form and to control every aspect of life and to rule the soul itself.
Remind me, who arrested Cindy Sheehan?


Redjalapeno said...

If anyone had any doubt about Bush prior to today, then surely it must have been erased after that speech.

He essentially declared World War against Muslims, and that fits nicely into his religious views. I cannot in good faith say what those are exactly, but I can say what they are not, and by that process of elimination I've come to the conclusion that he is a fundamentalist, drunk on his own ideals, drunk on the idea that Islam is trying to take over the world, so he better lead the charge to take over the world; for Christianity first, and America second. The two in his eyes are not mutually exclusive.

One need only look at every one of his actions, every one of his words, and every one of his reactions, to decipher the driving force behind this ignorant but very dangerous fool.

The last couple of weeks has really been a billboard if you will, of the ideology and agenda of this administration. They have a goal, and like any ideology-driven religous fundamentalists, they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

Dick Cheney said today we must be prepared to fight terrorism for decades to come, and Bush said Islam is trying to take over the world.

My boss listens to Rush all day long.
My friend believes we should've leveled Iraq to the ground, and Islam is bent on taking over the world. He believes the same rubbish Bush spouts about Islamic terrorists making their last stand in Iraq. "We are drawing them out" he says. He also thinks that Saddam ferried the WMD's over to Syria prior to the invasion. He refuses to entertain any other thought, even though the facts are glaringly obvious. The willful ignorance, the refusal to let real truth shake their belief system, is the utmost intriguing trait that I find amongst them.

If we are drawing them out in their last stand, then why, as Cheney asserts, we will be fighting them for decades? Because Bush stood before all America and announced Muslims are evil and threaten to take over your neighborhood.
Neo-con logic at it's finest.

Those two words do not belong together any more than 'intelligent' and 'design' go together in the context that they are currently presented. A 'think tank' devoted to Intelligent design is laughable at the very best.

I can agree that the actual life force may never be solved by man, but I cannot even entertain the idea that the wizard is behind the curtain, pulling levers and blowing steam to make it all work.

Man is limited, it's that simple. We are but a mear life form 0n a speck of dust in an infinite universe. I think the idea of infinity is a tough one for most humans. Most just cannot grasp the concept of infinity. We live in tangibles, in things we can see hear and touch. We live in a process of life and death, a beginning and end if you will, for the organism of man.

The universe knows no such bounds, is not aware of us nor could it or should it be. I'm sure that in the infinite universe, there are grandious life forms of all descriptions, but I am just as sure that they are out of reach to us. Perhaps by luck or chance we may get to see a glimpse of some far away life form by virtue of a asteroid or the like, crashing into our earth and revealing within it fossilized structures of some type. Wouldn't that be cool?

I don't think our country will ever return to something that it was not to begin with, however, the Neo-cons and religous fundies are doing and will do everything they can to cram this country, and the world for that matter, into their little box.

I had not planned on the last 40 years of my life being mapped out by the disastrous follies of fundamentalists, but that looks like the path. Not sure how I can affect change other than continuing with my goals of education, and then becoming an educator myself.

The one thing that seems to be missing in all of this drama known as the Bush administration and the American landscape is clear thinking on a global scale.

I'm not sure that just because Bush and his cabal will be eventually gone, that things will get any better. Bush has really done some damage, some long-lasting damage that we as a nation will have to deal with for a long long time to come.

Ok, done rambling.

Dr. C said...

Thanks for the commentary, RJ. I would agree that the opposition in America, the alleged Democrats, don't seem to put forward a clear vision for the future. Actually, I think Clarke or Dean might have done that in 2004, and maybe some will come forward in 2006 and 2008 (I'm putting my support behind Cardin for the Senate seat in MD vacated by Sarbanes), but all in all, its been pretty desperate.
What really saddens me is to see young people turned off by it all, as well they should be. Maybe we are at the nadir (not Nader)?