Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Without Comment

From here:
“Return to Iraq?” asks 35-year-old Ahmed Alwan, an Iraqi engineer now working at a restaurant in Damascus. “There is no Iraq to return to, my friend. Iraq only exists in our dreams and memories.”


Ted Christian said...

Had coffee with your brother Paul this afternoon. The below email bounced, kindly forward. And just scrolling down on your blog, I'm noticing a lot of overlap. I've got the same picture of Bush and the Saudi king at

Ted Christian


that Glenn Greenwald article-

Good getting together with you this afternoon, blogged it on the site.

And OK, only got as far as "A Curmudgeon Doc on the Eastern Shore of Maryland wondering what has happened to my country." a moment ago, but I'll definately be reading further after dinner.

The second sentence is quoted from an article I quoted a couple days ago on the antiwar society site, the quote I used was-

"My kids go to school safely and play like other children now without me worrying to death about them. God bless Syria and Jordan for having us, and God damn America and all its allies for doing all this to us." -Hanan Jabbar

I'd be interested to hear Pierce's take on


Ted said...

OK, just got an email from Paul and and my email didn't reach him because I got a vowel wrong in the address, so never mind the forward.

Carry on.