Monday, March 03, 2008

Is the Surge "working?"

Iraqi civilian deaths on the rise

BAGHDAD: The number of Iraqis killed in February rose by 33 per cent over January, reversing a six-month trend of reduced violence, in a setback to the US military plan to curb the bloodshed ravaging the country.

The combined figures from the interior, defence and health ministries showed that the total number of Iraqis killed in February was 721, including 636 civilians, compared with 541 dead in January.
We continue to converse in an alternative universe here. As if 721 dead (many more wounded) and 541 dead were NOTHING. I just don't understand it. No one around me seems the slightest bit interested in this carnage. It is on another planet. There is no responsibility taken for anything. The absolute magnitude of the humanitarian disaster that we have caused in Irak cannot be comprehended.

What will America do when the blow back really begins?

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