Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Crab Blogging

This is a very realistic rendition. It demonstrates the translation of memory into a drawing, all the more remarkable because it has been at least six months since he has seen a crab!

Now this picture is entrancing. Of course we have a crab, but I bet you can't guess what the rest of the drawing represents? Give? It is a beach scene with a lifeguard chair to the right. I assume there are other bathers to the left but I think they are scared out of their gourd by the size of the crab that is approaching. Oh, and the sun got lost.

This is a fish and, I think, an upside down duck, or Canadian goose. Why upside down, I do not know. Maybe Picasso lurks in this child's brain.

Hard for Hannah to compete with the above, but her crab has charm.


Felix Grant said...

I did get the beach scene - though not the lifeguard chair (it's at least then years since I saw an S beach life guard chair..)!

Amazing. How old is the child?

Dr. C said...

About 4-5; I got to get to work on horizon perception with him! Enjoyed your last.

Felix Grant said...

I'me paned two see how ilitrut mi larst coment wos. Deer deer...

Parentheses should have read: "it's at least ten years since I last saw a US beach lifeguard chair"!

4-5 ... amazing rendition.