Friday, November 09, 2007

No Friday Crab Blogging

This is too sad:

Fifty nine children dead in Afghan suicide attack
Published: Friday November 9, 2007
Afghanistan's education ministry said Friday that a suicide attack this week had killed 59 children and five teachers, taking the death toll to 75 in the deadliest such bombing in the insurgency-hit country.

And this:

But especially this who quotes from the Washington Post:
Which raises all sorts of secondary but fascinating political questions: What do the Democrats do if -- yes: if, if, if -- the surge appears to have succeeded? . . . Indeed, if Iraq somehow stabilizes and even incrementally improves, doesn't that affect the presidential campaign in important and unpredictable ways? . . . [T]he notion that Bush's patience really did save Iraq from unmitigated humanitarian and strategic catastrophe might be a powerful one. . . . (emphasis added)

Please note that the Washington Post while not the newspaper of record, is at least as influential as the New York Times. Here, in black and white, is the most preposterous statement that one can imagine. That George W. Bush rather than causing an "unmitigated humanitarian and strategic catastrophe," and there can not be one Iraki who does not believe that he or she is living through the most wretched catastrophe, is actually "saving" Irak?

America just lost it completely.

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