Monday, November 12, 2007

Iraki Children

Three days a week I am forced to watch the Today Show (I can't help it. If I am directly in front of a T.V. I have to watch it since I don't own a T.V. of my own and it is irresistibly seductive.) Today on Today they spent at least half the time talking about the most tabloid of events, domestic murders. They even had Geraldo Rivera. Sick. In the meantime:
According to UNICEF, about 50 percent of displaced Iraqis are children under 18 – amounting to over half a million children

Internally displaced people in Iraq

Northern provinces
Central provinces
Southern provinces

Source: UNHCR (September 2007)

"We expect the situation to worsen. Winter is approaching and many displaced families are still without blankets and heaters. Children don’t have enough clothes to protect themselves." (emphasis added)
Let's see, that would be over a million internally displaced children (and a million externally displaced, but we don't mention that!)

A child who doesn't know where the next meal is coming from; where he or she will sleep at night; won't go to school and won't be able to play. In other words, the complete antithesis of the Rights of the Child. Oh, that would be the Convention that the United States has not ratified yet. Excuse me. (it would also be the Convention that Iraq ratified in 1994).

That would be these children:

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