Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day to Day

It is just fascinating to me that we can carry on, day to day, and not be overwhelmed by what is happening to America, what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what is going to happen to the environment and the World. I am sure there is a school of psychology somewhere that had investigated this oblivion of the masses. The most fascinating thing, and it works out particularly at the individual level, is the recognition of a threat, but the innate belief that "it won't happen to me." Certainly the very wealthy in the United States (of which there are many) feel that their billions will shield them from any catastrophe. But the recent fires in California did not stop at a house and ask the annual income. Likewise, economic collapse, environmental collapse, or any other of preventable tragedy rarely spares anyone. The only exception might be Richard Cheney in his bunker. But then, who's he going to Vaderize if everyone else is a cinder?

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Redjalapeno said...


I sent an email to C&L about you and your site. If anyone deserves some recognition its you.

UVa is tough as far as academic rigor is concerned - I don't get too much sleep these days.
Thanks for your kind words and support.

Oh, and put the Pepper Farm back under the Goto Blogs please. I mean geesh...