Friday, April 29, 2005

Outbreak of Foot in Mouth Disease

There was an outbreak of Foot in Mouth Disease in Maryland this week. Our dear Lt. Gov. was on the roll pimping for his commission to investigate quality of education (a Repub chip off the White House Block). In the process:
Steele was quoted in the Calvert Recorder as saying, "Parents need to wake up and stop being selfish," during an April 18 meeting at Mill Creek Middle School.
Lovely, just lovely. We have a history of inept Lt. Govs in Maryland. The last was Kathleen Kennedy Townsend who lost to the current squarehead in the Gov's mansion.

How about a Lt. Gov. who recognizes that education costs MONEY and that MONEY can only be obtained from taxes and that this is the way a government operates. No, they just think that having a Commission of Poohbahs and testing children until they die from writer's cramp is going to make all Maryland peelers into Einsteins (excuse the crab lingo).

Lord bless, what are we going to do.

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