Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dear President Bush

I have some questions I was wondering if you can answer:

1. Whatever happened to the Plame affair? It has now been almost two years since a deep cover CIA agent was exposed as such putting numerous people at risk of assassination and decreasing our ability to detect and intercept weapons of mass destruction in rogue states. Could you please tell us who is responsible for this crime?

2. Who is responsible for the "intelligence failure" in Iraq. It seems to me that the CIA reports directly to the President of the United States. Do you not bear some blame for the ongoing fiasco in that woebegone country.

3. Speaking of Iraq, when will you withdraw American troops, dismantle the bases there and turn over the oil production to the Iraqi people. May I remind you that it is not the property of either Halliburton or, for that matter, the United States Government. An apology to the Iraqi people might be in order, but that is probably not forthcoming.

4. Why, when so much else is at stake, did you involve yourself with an issue, the case of Terri Schaivo, that was clearly something that was in the provenance of the State of Florida? (This does not excuse your brother for his behavior, but that is for another day.) Do you share Tom DeLay's reprehensible opinion of the judiciary that was involved in making those hard decisions? If so, have you ever read the American Constitution? (I'd sort of like to know that anyway).

5. If you ever realize how badly you are doing as President of the United States, might you consider resigning? (And asking your Vice President to resign with you.)

Just asking.

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