Monday, April 11, 2005

Dateline Vienna

Blogging from Vienna. And that's not Vienna, Maryland or Vienna, Virginia. (I guess in the spirit of the times I could say not-MD not-VA.)

Don't take a transatlantic flight in "economy" class if you don't want to feel like an Irish immigrant. Steerage is more like it. Can't imagine how our forefathers first spent six weeks (sail) and then a week (steam) crossing. Can it be that long ago that even students on Icelandic Air had a good time? Lots of free food and booze. Now its plastic, plastic, plastic. That includes the food. You have to be an insurance executive to afford first class. One is smothered with envy when departing through the forward cabin to see the detritus of their revels. Champagne bottles, used blankets (probably discarded after one use), baccarat tables...I digress.

What do Austrians think about this thing called America? Hard to say. I think they are ignoring us hoping that we will go away. Hopefully with a whimper and not a bang. Hopefully not with the Big Bang. Its known as perspective, something that is hard to obtain. Do we really have a President who hears voices talking to him? That feels he's in touch with a higher power? Scary.

The Hapsburgs liked to build monumental building with lots of thingys way up high so everyone could see. Like eagles and chariots and war gods, you know. And, you ask, where are the Hapsburgs now? I can't answer that at the moment. Check back later this week. That is my project for now.

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