Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Crab Blogging

A (presumably) Jurassic crab found by our intrepid reporter from an underpass in Exmouth (Jurassic Coast themed mural by a local school)

This little guy just got in from rowing a galley for Ben Hur ("Ramming speed, Hortator!".) (Ben Hur was written by Lew Wallace, an incredibly interesting man. He was Governor of the New Mexico territory when Billy the Kid was doing his thing.)


Ray Girvan said...

What I can't identify is the thing to the left of the Jurassic crab: is it a coprolite?

Felix said...

Never mind the thing next to the crab ... I'm fascinated by the Jurassic acrobat on the camera left edge of the picture! A Jurassic prefiguring of Pris (the Daryl Hannah character) in Blade Runner.

Felix said...

Moving to the delightful range of other crabs on offer this week:

Hands up!!!



Celebrity crab surprised by paparazzo.

Joie de vivre à lever du soleil.

Crabby Bussell performs Swan Lake.

A young Crabe Ruth shows off his mitt.

The chorus from Swan Lake

An audience member having a whale of a time enjoying Swan Lake.