Monday, June 14, 2010

Mid Week Crab Catchup

I'll get back to crabbing on Friday but, if there are any interested readers out there, please travel on over to the post on JSBlog entitled "In search of the ochidore."

In addition to a beautiful picture of a crab (not true blue, mind you, but still quite attractive) you can meander through the lexicographic jungle with our Devonshire guide.


Julie Heyward said...

"One package (approx 6-8 oz.) frozen, or one can or crabmeat, whichever you have. Just make sure to drain it well, and press most of the moisture out with paper towels. Mix this with enough ketchup and plenty of horseradish if you like it hot. Flatten the cream cheese so it's not quite so thick, and "frost" with the crab/ketchup mixture. Spread on crackers." [from here]

Dr. C said...

I find crab dip in all its manifestations quite tasty. I am still partial to it right out of the shell.

Julie Heyward said...

"I am still partial to it right out of the shell." -- Dr. C

No more catchup!!

[Or, catchup without ketchup.]

Ray Girvan said...

I am still partial to it right out of the shell.

Just don't buy it from MacCruslick.

Dr. C said...

So I browsed on through the Irish Proverbs and found this interesting tidbit:

Sit down, tailor ; sit down, turner ; let the rest sit as is best ; I'll
sit beside the arrow-maker.

In the Preface to Ronald Macdonald's Collection of Songs, a more
imperfect version of this proverb is given, as an illustration of the
fatherly hospitality of Highland lairds to their dependents.