Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Art of Emoting

Its hard being a curmudgeon these days. Ethnologically it is a vanishing skill set. (Meter courtesy of my staff)


Julie Heyward said...

Your 'nologies' are not 'nographies.' In any case, you may want to check your office for an ethnologicographical infiltrator -- note that the definition of ethnologicography includes "based on the method of participant observation." That dial seems to me to be symptomatic. You might want to use a mine-sweeper or an aura-detector or something. Ethnologicographicers will know about your belly-button lint, your boogers, your most turgidly uncanny OTHERNESS.

Ray Girvan said...

Does it merely indicate your mood, or can it be used to set it, like Mean Machine Angel in the Judge Dredd comic strip? His dial settings are: 1. Surly. 2. Mean. 3. Vicious. 4. Brutal.

Felix said...

Hmmm ... does DrCmachineAngelologyOgrapher have a stripy right eye?

DrCmachineAngelologyOgrapher's meter much more colourful (or, perhaps, in view of his geography, colorful) than Mean Machine Angel's.

Dr. C said...

Oooooh, "aura detectors." I'll hire Ghost Busters.

"On rare occasions, an extremely hard headbutt causes Mean Machine's dial to get stuck on 4½, which causes him to enter an Uncontrollable Butt Frenzy, where he can't stop headbutting."

Hmmm. Must be one of those cheese eater "football" stars.

DrCmachineAngelologyOgrapherism. My new fad. You saw it here first.

Pat Dennis said...

Plus ca change... I knew him when he was grumpy because of Watergate!