Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging

An unusual collection of crabs today, so bear with me:

First we have some classics

I think this guy had just seen the new Transformer movie

Yes, this is a crab. The artist was trying to express her inner sense of play (notice how the overall design resembles a back yard swing set) but there is something missing. I would say the swings but others, those intellectuals among us, might feel that there is an existential loneliness that overwhelms the artiste, particularly obvious in her use of the color brown. (Actually, her brother hogged all the good crayons).

By report, for I have no T.V., there is a crab that figures on the Sponge Bob show.

Is this a sea gull, or a sea squall? We report. You decide.

This crab was worked on with great diligence by the artiste. She truly confessed that she did not know what a crab looked like (hard to imagine around here) but her imagination succeeded in showing us the rare retractile crab. It is said to be sort of like a turtle. Whatever.

These next two involve "find the crab"; the charm of drawing them is wearing thin

In addition to the crab, this is a puffer fish. A long discussion ensued on puffer fish and zombies. OMG, Zombies!!!!

Blush, who is that handsome guy?


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I don't watch Squarebob Spongepants or whatever either, but here's the crab.