Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging

I was informed by the artist that this was a crab with "four eyes." Exactly.

I detect cubist tendencies. Sort of like a Beethoven Piano Sonata. Tries to fill all the observable medium. Artists abhor a vacuum.

One can muse for a long time on whether Walt Disney did us a favor anthropomorphizing everything from mice to lions to crickets. In this case, butterflies.

I wonder if I really have such a SEG. I thought I was mostly grumpy.


Felix Grant said...

Hurrah for Friday crab blogging!!!!!!!!!!

Ray Girvan said...

Seconded. Dr C: you might ne interested in this: Missing Images in Art: Depictions of Art by Children, where one of the comments has links to the drawings of Onfim (though unfortunately there were no crabs to draw in mediaeval Novgorod).

Talking of crickets, I love this one; it manages to be very jolly, without being anthropomorphized except in what it's doing.

Dr. C said...

Ray, thanks as always. I assume as a complete novitiate in arcana of the Empire that "Lemony Badger" somehow ties in with "Lemony Snickett." While I put lime in my Dos Equis and orange in my Blue Moon, I can't imagine a beer (or even an ale) with lemon. But then, as I said, I am a novitiate in things Empirish. I will stick with draft Guiness at the Boar's Head in Dublin.

On the other hand, having to read "The Bad Beginning" in a professional capacity, I became violently ill for a week. Truly an unfortunate event.

Ray Girvan said...

I think the name's a hybrid of Lemony Snicket and Jiminy Cricket. It's very nice; not lemony as in sour, but with a slight lemon-peel edge (from lemon grass).