Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Crab Blogging - Droste Day

The crabs were very impressed by the Droste blog earlier this week. One must confess, though, that Droste instantly triggers a chocolate synapse in the brain and we were unaware of the deeper meaning. There is Droste and there is Droste but "duty free" Droste is the best (that's where you think you are getting a bargain because the price is in a currency that you don't understand and it all looks like Monopoly money anyway.)

So, we hereby declare today "Droste Day" and present today's crabs:

I did not get a chance to ask if this represented a crab that had been rowing on only one side of the galley all its life (occasionally catching a 'crab', heh, heh) or whether it had unfortunately suffered an amputation. In the crab eat crab of the Chesapeake Bay, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Who said that you can't tell a complex story with one picture? First, looking at the typical motifs in children's drawings, the windows definitely set the time and place. Early morning in the breakfast nook. Then, the main character is most likely an extension of the drawer's personality. He's a man about town with his fedora. Perhaps a hint of a mustache. The table utensils are well defined and there is a napkin below two of them on the right side of the plate. This is correct, but it should be the knife and the spoon. (can't get that song by Holly Cole out of the brain).

I can't make out the little guy on the left. Clearly he's vocal, but he also has his own sartorial chapeau. And the fish. Ah, the fish. A little upset? What more can one say.

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