Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cluster Horror

From here:
HILTA: From his hospital room in the Marjayoun Public Hospital, 10-year-old Mohammad Jamal Abdel- Aal says he will not forgive nor forget Israel for ripping off his limbs. Abdel-Aal's left leg and right hand got amputated on Sunday after a cluster bomb, left over from the summer 2006 war with Israel, exploded while he was playing in one of the fields near his home in the southern town of Hilta.

"I am not able to play anymore," Abdel-Aal told The Daily Star on Sunday.
You see, it was like this:
All Things Considered, September 27, 2006 · Melissa Block talks with Anthony Shadid, foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, about the problem of small, unexploded cluster bombs in southern Lebanon. About the size of a soda can, they may number more than 1 million. Most were dropped during the last three days of the fighting. (emphasis added)
Oh, and, by the way, guess where those cluster bombs were made.

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Felix Grant said...

Ugh ... those things always gave me the crawls on the ground. Which, of course, is what they are meant to do. Everything that is wrong with humanity, concentrated into a tiny space, thousands of times over...