Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Talking Points Memo Muckraker has links to testimony by both Michael McConnell (Director of National Intelligence) and Gen. Michael Hayden (Director of CIA) which confirms what all of us have known for a long time:

The United States of America has used torture on prisoners.

While most people will say, ho hum, no big deal, I contend that this, coupled with our abetting the murder of over a million civilians in Iraq, will be two issues that will never go away. Two issues that have permanently scarred the Escutcheon of our Nation.

Update 02/06:
Today we have:
White House defends interrogation method
By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The White House on Wednesday defended the use of the interrogation technique known as waterboarding, saying it is legal — not torture as critics argue — and has saved American lives.

President Bush could authorize waterboarding for future terrorism suspects if certain criteria are met, a spokesman said.
Since when does the White House decide what is legal? How about the Supreme Court.

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