Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Children of Iraq

Everytime I read something about the children if Irak, it is always sad. For instance, the ongoing humanitarian crisis of orphans in Irak just makes my blood boil. Please read the report "Orphans Face Uncertain Future" for background. There may be as many as four million children in Irak that have been orphaned! These children are usually taken in by relatives (if any are still alive), but these relatives are often hard pressed to put food on the table for themselves. They get little or no schooling and their health needs are most certainly poorly attended to.

But no, people in America just don't even see this. It is so far away from their universe that it is incomprehensible, even though we are directly responsible for this state of affairs.

When it comes to the amount of money that BushCo has put in the pockets of their cronies versus the amount that they have spent on these children it is laughable. It does not make any difference how much total money is spent (the denominator), if the numerator (that spent on children) is zero, the percent will always be zero.

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