Saturday, February 16, 2008


Last week there was a power outage in my town. Everything ground to a halt. For about 3 minutes. We really felt inconvienced. For crying out loud, the computers were down!

But then there is this:
IRAQ: The Lights Have Gone Out, Who Cares
16th February 2008, 09:20 am

BAQUBA, Feb 15 (IPS) - Lack of electricity in Baquba has shattered businesses, and the lives of families. Months of power failures has darkened morale everywhere.
And this:
Half of Baghdad without water
15th February 2008, 09:05 pm

Power failures and maintenance have disrupted running water supplies to almost half of the capital, Baghdad, home to nearly 6 million people.
Clearly "The Surge is Working" depends on what your definition of "working" is.

For the effect on the people of another occuptaion, go to here. If you do read this, swear that a shiver didn't go up your spine.

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