Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Crab Blogging

There are several interesting things about this crab. I call your attention to the Hersey Bar and the strange thing in the other claw. Wire rimmed glasses are also a first. Also, I was not aware that Crabs favored the Steelers but, since I know little about football, I guess everyone has their idiosyncrasies.

It was explained to me that this was a dog. OK.

There is a wealth of information in a child's picture. The presence of the sun (with clouds) is a good indicator. The presence of ground, with a tree is also good. The windows have panes but the crossbars are accentuated. This is questionable. I wish there was a roof with a chimney with smoke. Something to tell me someone was home. The door is small, which may be significant. And so on.....

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