Thursday, June 21, 2007

Death in Iraq

I have developed a great respect for Mark from Ireland. He was the origin of a blog called Gorilla's Guides which I try to read pretty regularly. He has apparently been a UN peacekeeper and speaks and writes Arabic. Gorilla's guides is now composed of a number of Iraqi writers he fostered and gives an extremely graphic, and sorrowful window on the tragedy that is that country. Their position now is very simple: The American military is an invader and an occupier and must leave immediately. That the American military has behaved as thugs or worst is documented in detail.

Apparently, five of the writers on the blog were killed or injured on 19 June. Of course the death of these people was not noticed by our media since it was focused on Paris Hilton or some such affront to decency.

The Iraqi citizens who were killed or injured were:

O God! Pardon our living and our dead, the present and the absent, the young and the old, the males and the females.

Zeynab Bint Hassan

Hassan Ibn Omar

Ali Ibn Laith

Fatima Bint Laith

Mohammed Ibn Laith
My condolences to the families of these people. There is nothing that anyone in America can say that can justify this ongoing horror in any way....


erdla said...

Condolences noted and passed on to the Iraki - thanks.

Just to clarify that of the three wounded only Mohammed was a writer.

Mohammed is 16. Ali his brother is 8, and Fatima Bint Laith is 19 and had just finished her first year of university exams. The good news is that all three were sent home from Imam Ali Hospital after a few hours treatment.

Both Zeynab and Hassan were writers on the team. I'm especially going to miss Zeynab.

News of Mark - he's back in Irak has been for quite some time. Before he left he got to hold his first two grandsons and then some weeks after that got to see his son who returned from his regiment holding the twins. Let us just say he was visibly very pleased :-)

Copies of the crab gallery get saves and zipped and sent regularly.

- We're not quite sure when he's due back. He sounds cheeful enough from the emails and very pleased with how the water sterilisers are working.

Dr. C said...

It is always good to hear news of Mark. He and his "guides" (you included)provide a real, by tragic, service to the world by documenting the horror of Irak.
Just this morning our barbaric news is celebrating the sentence to hang for "Chemical Ali." He was convicted of laying wast to two Kurdish villages. As if the laying waste of an enitre city (Fallujah)in revenge by the American military wasn't a crime!