Friday, May 25, 2007

Threat to Children

High on a roll due to the total failure of the Donkey Backbone (you didn't really expect them to stand up) the Chief Pigeon Target had these words to say::
"They are a threat to your children, David, and whoever is in the Oval Office better understand that and take measures to protect the American people," he said.
Excuse me, Georgie, who is a threat to children???
Helicopter bombs school
An attack by a US helicopter against suspected insurgents in Iraq has killed a number of children at a primary school, Iraqi security sources say.

The attack took place in Diyala province north-east of Baghdad, the sources say.

A spokesman for the US military said there had been helicopter activity in the area but he was not able to confirm any other details.

The school is in the village of al-Nedawat close to the Iranian border.

One police officer said the helicopter was shot at from the ground during the morning.

The school was said to have been hit when the aircraft returned fire.
And who was the threat to these children??? (I'll give you a hint....No, I won't)

(and over 500 more in my files alone)


Felix Grant said...

Keep it up, Dr C - keep it up.

And this is without taking into account all those thousands of children who are not in immediate danger of "hot war" injury, but who are physically or psychologically traumatised and getting worse by the day witout care or notice in the Jordanian refugee camps.

Dr. C said...

Its amazing, isn't it? Our (that is, American) Representatives can vote for $124,000,000,000 but nobody seems to have a penny for these children. My government is beyond implicit, it is deep into guilty.