Monday, May 28, 2007

Ho, Hum..Another Day on the Island

Move along, nothing to see here:
A truck bomb exploded outside one of Baghdad's most revered Sunni shrines on Monday, killing at least 18 people and damaging the outer walls of the Abdel Qadir Gilani Mosque.

The powerful blast, which sent a massive pillar of black smoke into the sky above downtown Baghdad, occurred as US and Iranian representatives were meeting for landmark talks on Iraqi security less than a kilometre (half mile) away.

"I came into the street after the explosion near the mosque, and I found five charred bodies myself, including a pregnant woman," said witness Saed Mohammed, as fire engines arrived to battle the flames. (emphasis added)
And, in a galaxy far away:
You could argue that Lord of the Flies instantly adopts a somewhat pessimistic stance - the notion that man is locked to society, and returns to savagery when freed from the confines of it. (emphasis added)
And who's responsible? Altogether now, lets look in the mirror.

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