Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Mideast

It does seem that things are spiraling out of control. Most concerning is that our own President seems divorced from reality. he is convinced that, if we don nothing, everything will right itself. He has been watching too many movies where the rich, white guys win out over the swarthy evil doers.

There is much speculation as to what will happen in the MidEast under various scenarios. There is no speculation, that I can see, as to what effect this will have on America. As in previous types of encounters, most recently Vietnam, I think Americans will pull back in almost completely, just when we need to be leading in things, such as global warming, that are of staggering importance.

I haven't read Jimmy Carter's book, but I understand that it has not received any reviews from the main stream press. That says something about something. I don't expect to see it reviewed in the New York Review of Books for well known reasons.

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