Friday, January 14, 2005

Maryland Politics

Lets support EG in his desire to have a political blog for Marylanders (of the proper sort, of course,.... smile!). Actually, I would suggest South Knox Bubba as a model for such a blog. We could have Friday Night Crab Blogging (instead of those damn kittens, dogs and birds).
And, instead of the Rocky Top Brigade we could have the Marshy Bottom Watermen.

Oh, Well.

Fact: Did you know that the cost to Marylander's of the debacle in Iraq was approaching 3 BILLION dollars? And our gov can't even find a few cents for the schools. Damn.

Finally, EG says:
I suspect the Democrats to fight over who will challenge Erhlich in 2006 and then lose the race. Erhlich is still popular in the state (I don't know why) and the Democrats will pit candidates frm Baltimore against Montgomery County with PG County as the deciding vote

Of course this is true. The definition of a Democrat is "One Who Shoots Oneself In the Foot." Who knows, maybe we won't!

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