Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Malpractice Crisis in Maryland

We are in the deep throes of politics concerning the malpractice crisis in Maryland. I know for a fact that there are physicians that are adversely affected and who are leaving practice. Others are restricting their practice to patients that don't present such a risk. For example, why deliver babies when you can just do gynecology and make a living. Delivering babies puts you at substantial risk; enough to make your malpractice premiums $120,000 a year. This is a lot of money. But, not that much. Why:

NEW YORK - Randy Johnson and the Yankees reached a preliminary agreement Thursday on a $32 million, two-year contract extension, leaving a physical as the last step needed to finalize Arizona's trade to send him to New York.

In some scenarios, it is just $32 million that is needed to avert the malpractice crisis in Maryland.

The politicians just don't get it. Our local representative suggests that we increase the fine on drunk drivers. Sounds like a good idea until one reads that it would have to be $30,000 per arrest to help with the crisis.

The current funding mechanism is the cancelling of an exemption that HMO's enjoy. What's wrong with that? According to our representative, this is a regressive tax on the poor. As I tried to point out previously, this is the baloney argument.

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