Thursday, January 27, 2005

Faster than a Speeding Bullet:

This was in our local paper yesterday, but I don't have a link. You can find this link here:

HMOs pass on new tax to public
By Robert Redding Jr.and Marguerite Higgins

Health maintenance organizations in Maryland have begun passing onto their customers a 2 percent tax on their premiums, just two weeks after the Democrat-controlled General Assembly enacted the HMO tax.

Now, excuse me. I paid my malpractice premium for the first quarter at the 35% increased rate. I haven't gotten a refund. I am not ever sure I am going to get a refund. Isn't this just jumping the gun a little, you greedy bastards? (got to make that 35 million)

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Anonymous said...

What!? They're not absorbing the cost of the tax as an operating expense? And malpractice insurance isn't going down? You might start thinking that these companies primary objective is to make money. But they keep telling me they care about me, that I'm not just a number. I'm so confused. Maybe tort reform will solve all of our problems.